Just To Nip This In The Bud:

Here are a number of orange cars you WON't see me driving:

The Hummer:

Hummer's silent but LOUD response to Al Gore

The Chevy Aveo

After two deathtrap Chevies in the family - both bought new - I'll never buy one, no matter HOW cute they look.
Ford is slowly regaining my trust, though! Keep looking, Sweetie!

The Honda Fit:

The color in the pic just doesn't convey how "off" it looks in real life.
If it looked like this, I could EASILY convince myself that 80,000 miles makes Hedgewitch FAR too old to safely drive

This Prius is pretty snazzy, but I would go mad with people slowing down ahead of me at a glance at those lights up top:


(too bad Scion didn't make their Fuse in ORANGE!!! though! SWEET!):

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