More Things That Rhyme With ORANGE!!!

Turns out Orange Girls love more than just orange, we love cats, books, warm woollens in winter, and superawesome cars! I just read your post about the sweet Audi moment, and was reminded of when Shannon and I first started dating. Several times on my way home I encountered a Lamborghini similar to this one, right down to the color:

We were stopped side by side at a light in Sauganash at about 11PM one night. I started revving HedgeWitch's decidedly-not-V8-engine (do they make a V2...?), put on my shiny orange sunglasses, and stared the driver down.

He sighed, closed his eyes, looked over at me, and suddenly looked very weary. The light changed and I looked over at him with a grin of impending victory as I let up on the brake to hit the gas,

...and he was gone. Just a puff of exhaust. He was probably in Madison, WI by the time my grin faded, and halfway through Canada by the time I got through the intersection.

More orange updates: I was wearing my armwarmers at work where many a coworker spotted them and complimented me on my super-coolness. I couldn't argue. When asked me where I'd bought them, I told her they were knitted for me by a kindred spirit. Yesterday I wandered into the lunch room for my tasty afternoon snack of baby carrots and light ranch dressing (YUM! I keep telling myself! SO GOOD! SO MUCH BETTER THAN CHIPS!....*whimper!*) and one of my coworkers was sipping a tea and knitting while on her break. "Whatcha knitting?" I asked to cover the sob that was about to escape as I crunched a carrot.

"Arm warmers! I liked yours so much, I decided to try to duplicate them."


Turns out she's A) making purple ones, not orange, and B) is making them as a gift for a lovely 80-year-old neighbor of hers as a "thank you!" for giving her homemade jam every few months, so I decided not to warn her of patent infringement.

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