Oh Yes You WILL Share The Road!

KUDOS!!!! To Southampton Crown Court for sending the message (pun intended) that drivers using their cell phones WILL be held responsible for recklessly if they cause an accident while driving under the influence of her cell phone's "texting" feature. Keira Coultas hit Jordan Wickington when he ran a red light on his cycle (BAD!!!!! BAD CYCLIST!!!!) and she was too distracted by texting her estranged husband to notice. He died of his injuries. She was sentenced to four years in prison for causing Wickington's death through her dangerous driving. Again, Wilkington should NOT have "jumped the red light," but Coultas should have been PRESENT WHILE DRIVING and should not have been texting ANYONE while her car was in motion - much less her estranged husband - someone who probably seriously pisses her off more than anyone in the world. The worst Wilkington deserved was a blast of the horn.

As biking season approaches, I really do hope Daley starts to actually enforces his ban on drivers using their cell phones in Chicago.


Rev transit said...

Well, 4 years is a ridiculously long sentence for this, if indeed she had no priors.

Shannon said...

In this particular case,I tend to agree with you, Rev (hey, anyone who ran a red light is deeply at fault, in a car or on a bike or even as a pedestrian), although would you feel the same if she had been drinking and driving? Studies show that using a cell phone in a car is just as bad as drinking and driving. They simply should NOT be tolerated. Period.


And while I don't get as upset in this particular case, the story I read a few weeks ago of a woman in Boston who ran over (and killed) a cyclist (he was 12 years old) and DIDN'T NOTICE (or stop to help or even call for an ambulance) because she was using her cell phone (I believe she, too, was texting) - that is man-slaughter and should be treated as such.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I actually tend to agree as well. I realize she's being used as an example, to set a precedent so that other drivers who are caught texting or using their cell phones while driving and get into accidents can expect to serve time. I feel it is harsh, and wish someone with no kids had been to one to set this example, or someone who's husband was not estranged so the kids would have someone to look after them, but there's a dead cyclist here. Dead from an accident that could have been avoided had the driver been "present."