Sooo.....Green It Is, Then!

I had the most wonderful idea a few weeks ago that when my car reached her 100,000 mile, um, mile-rotation day? I would have her repainted ORANGE!!! She has a tan interior, so I wouldn't have to have the interiour done, just the outside. I guess I figured maybe prices would have risen since the days of Earl Sheib's slurred "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! I can paint ANY car for on'y Niney-nine, niney-fie!" commercials,

but I didn't expect that price to have risen into the THOUSANDS.

I just called the guys at Tom and Jerry's in Edison Park who did an awesome job repainting my mom's hood and bumper, and they said they don't even do full paint jobs any more, they're so expensive - that I'd be looking at numbers in the thousands. If I'm looking at numbers in the thousands, I'd probably just buy a car that had already been painted orange before I purchased it.

For a few tens of thousands more:

For a coupla hundred thousand more:

Check out the interior on this one!!


Rev Transit said...

I think you should choose the orange one.

Shannon said...

Green's not so bad... ;)