Come out to playyeeyay!!"

I just bumped The Warriors up in our Netflix queue. I can't believe Shannon hasn't seen this movie! With it's bright, witty dialogue ("Warriors? You guys are the big dudes, huh?"), stunning costumes (wife-beater tanks were apparently on sale at K-Mart for 10 cents a pack in a wide array of colors), and creative gang names (The Punks; The Rogues; The Rogue Punks) and if you need more than that: a gang of mimes called the High Hats, I can think of no more delightful way to make Lent seem 40 days longer for Shannon.






There's also a gang called The Saracens, so it's historically poignant as well! Oh, and Ajax (James Remar) went on to act in Galactica, season 2.0 as Meier, so I'm sure you'll want to see where he started out.

Okay, seriously, I think I've gotten The Warriors thing out of my system by finding that clip at top (I can't count how many times I've quoted that....for no apparent reason, really...) as well as tracking one down of my favorite gang, The Baseball Furies (below.)


Butternugget said...

I haven't seen this since college and I had no idea the James Remar was in it. He totally creeps me out, he was so creepy on Sex and the City and when I saw him on Dexter I could only think of his character on Sex and the City and since I only just finished BSG I saw him and still thought only of his gross character on Sex and the City.

It is a classic.

Anonymous said...

I hate to disappoint, dearie, but I'm fairly sure I have, in fact, seen the movie. A long time ago, to be sure, but I have seen it.