Ford Presents:

The 2009 Asphalt Annihilater and Asphalt Annihilater Flatbed:

I guess they just couldn't handle how environmentally proactive they'd been with the Escape Hybrid SUV, huh? Looks like they got twitchy and overcompensated. The pendulum thus swung FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRR into the opposite direction....

....then flew off, probably killing a baby seal.

Way to go, Ford! I think the owners of your vehicles should be made personally responsible for repairing the streets they drive on from beginning to end as, thanks to you and your ilk, they are TRASHED to hell. You can't blame "everyday wear and tear" and "winter" on the size of the potholes drivers have been making some minor streets like, say, Milwaukee Ave. all but undriveable. And I don't agree that the city should have to pay for repairs to cars damaged by potholes - I believe people who buy monstrosities like the Lincoln Navigator, Hummer, Ford Excursion, and anything made by Dodge should be footing the bill - and they should start coughing up NOW before the Asphalt Annihilater hits the streets.

We'll begin with these minor roads and go from there, shall we?

Western Ave. (don't forget where it becomes Asbury in Evanston!)
Lincoln Ave.
Foster Ave.
Milwaukee Ave.
Lake Shore Drive
The Kennedy Expy.
The Edens Expy.
Lake Cook Road
Clark St.
Oakton Ave.
Ashland Ave.
California Ave.
Montrose Ave.
The Skyway
Stony Island
90 through Indiana
94 through Indiana
Belmont Ave.
Chicago Ave.
Green Bay Road


Butternugget said...

Let's set aside the gas/road damage/parking issues for a moment. That is one of the ugliest vehicle designs I've seen.

Okay, back to the other issues.

First I'd like to add the stretch of Roscoe between Ravenswood and Western to the list. Despite it being pretty obvious a lot of the damage is from a piss-pour paving job I'd still like someone to fix it.

Finally, I agree with you on 90% of this, the part I'm not totally on board with is the city being not responsible for damage.

I believe their stance several years ago (not sure if it is the same now) was that if you could prove that the city knew of the problem and neglected to repair it in a reasonable amount of time then you could try to get them to pony up some money. In principle I think this is how it should work. If my taxes pay for the roads and they neglect to fix a problem and I am not able to avoid a hole that damages my vehicle then they should be liable.

In the example of the stretch of Roscoe I mentioned I have had to actually stop, in the middle of the road, because the hole was too large in my lane, and wait for the oncoming traffic to pass so I could drive around the hole. Other than stopping (which I do) I have no way to avoid the holes that have been there for weeks.

Whew! Sorry that was pretty much a post in itself.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Seriously, that is an ugly vehicle, isn't it? It just screams "Here's Your Answer, Al Gore, Sorry We Didn't Take the Time to Craft it a Little More Elegantly, Though We _Did_ Take The Time to Put In 42 Speakers and a Captain's Chair."

I've added Roscoe to the list.

There was a pothole half the length of my Honda on Foster for a coupla weeks (just past the westbound ramp of the 94) that had people dangerously swerving into my lane every morning. I was driving in "my" lane because I knew the pothole was there and there was no good way to get around it. Then there's Lincoln just northwest of Kedzie which is TRASHED, and Milwaukee from Golf through the merge with River. Crews just keep throwing that soft mushy cheap asphalt into these deathpits, and the problems resume within days.

I agree that if a pothole is not repaired within a reasonable time after its report, the city should be held responsible for any damage incurred, as long as the drivers can prove they were driving carefully. I see people bombing along Milwaukee at 60 MPH in a 40 zone every. single. morning.
Still, just as I haven't seen a winter this tedious in a loooooong time, I have NEVER seen the streets this trashed as I have the past few years. Road crews can't keep up! I blame the sheer number of cars - especially SUVs - on the roads these days, but though I don't mind paying my share of taxes to use the roads and keep them maintained, my Honda Civic isn't doing nearly as much damage to the roads as the Cadillac Escalade in front of me of the Chevy Suburban behind. Anything larger than a Rav4/CRV should at least have a special road repair tax included in the selling price.

Butternugget said...

Thanks for adding Roscoe!

I will agree with the speed/care of drivers. I'm amazed how fast many cars/SUVs alike will power through those holes.

I've got a Jeep and even at moderate to slow speeds those things make me feel like the bottom is going to fall out of my vehicle. I can't imagine how bad it is at higher speeds.

Not to mention what it must do to their tires.

Also, larger vehicles (by weight) do pay a higher city sticker fee.

Have a great trip.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

That's true - you DO pay a higher annual sticker fee.

You I'm not worried about, though. That's why I made the executive decision to add this tax to newly purchased vehicles - so you'd be exempt.