Orange Pedi!

Momster and I got together yesterday and spent lovely girls day out in the Square. I've owed her a pedicure since her birthday last August! Bad daughter! Bad! Our pedis were scheduled for 1:30 at Thairapy, so she gave herself plenty of driving time, arriving at our apartment just after 11:00. She didn't even need my help parking the car! I hope that now that she's seen how easy it is to drive here, we'll see her more often.

Shannon walked with us to the Square, and continued on down Lincoln to Addison and Halsted where he and the Rev were going to meet to have lunch and do some thrifting.

Momster and I had a buffet lunch at Essence of India (YUM!!!) and arrived for our pedicures 10 minutes early. This gave me time to dash to the cash station at the Jewel across the street for gratuity cash (I didn't realize they couldn't just add it to the credit card).

We used to go for pedicures about 3 or 4 times a year, and now we go about once or twice a year, so the pedicure was a real treat for both of us. We were seated side by side so we could chat and catch up.

The finished product!
My first pedi of the year just has to be ORANGE!!!, of course!

After the pedis we walked in our Beech sandals (we're such chicks) up a block and a half to The Chalkboard for some tea and scones. For what we got the bill was ridiculously high, but it was also really good, so I'm not complaining. We also got fantastic, 4-star service from an amazing waitress whom I'd never seen there before. She wouldn't have been out of place at Gabriel's or Va Pensiero. In addition to being an awesome server, she looked a little like a blonde Tilda Swinton who, when she dyes her hair red, looks a little bit like David Bowie circa 1974, so I took to her immediately.


Tilda Swinton:

After tea, we went shop-browsing through the square (namely Merz and The Book Cellar) and returned home just a few minutes ahead of Shannon and the Rev. We (minus Shannon, of course!) had some coffee, chatted for a while, looked at pics from our trip to Yorkshire (I'll be downloading some of them to my blog this week!) and then Momster and her cute toes decided to call in a night. After she left, we watched a couple of episodes of Flight of the Conchords, a show we started watching this week via NetCrack. Rev had never seen it before, and we were thrilled to introduce him to Bret and Jermaine. The first episode we watched, "Sally Returns," was only okay, but that was followed by "Bowie." Turns out Jermaine does a pretty amazing Bowie impersonation, despite the 2-foot height difference, New Zealand accent, and two small brown eyes (Bowie only has one brown eye).

Peepster had sent this to me early last week, and now that I've seen the episode, I can share it with you all. I actually prefer this stage version to the TV version, even though they're not wearing shiny silver space suits:


Rev Transit said...

What a hilarious intro to the Conchords song! "A bad one just takes you back to the mid-80s"!

Good seeing the whole lot of you!

Rev Transit said...

Tilda Swinton always has that look on her face like-- "Go ahead and make fun of the way I look, I dare you!"