"Cat" was mine.

Last Thursday I quietly joined Facebook only so's I could follow the Zenprov threads, and within hours a few of my friends found me. I hadn't allowed for Facebook to scan my email contacts - too invasive! - so I was surprised anyone found me. I didn't realize that even if I had switched off that email scanning feature, the email address I used to sign up would be put "out there" so people who had allowed for their email contacts to sync with Facebook could find me within SECONDS of creating an account.

Long story short, I thought I'd been all incognito and secret-like when BAM! Evan added me as a friend....

....and immediately challenged me to Scrabble via the Facebook "Scrabulous" application.

I'm not great at Scrabble, but I thought it would be far more challenging than my default online game, Backgammon, which I grew weary of long ago but I still play because I'm BORED. There's too much luck involved in Backgammon, not enough skill. Playing Scrabble would force me to think alot harder, methought to meself, so I accepted Evan's challenge.

As we started our first game, and on a whim, I checked out his previous scores:

Joshua R. Won by Evan H.
Tracy J.
Won by Evan H.
Abbe K.
Won by Evan H.
Joshua R.
Won by Evan H.
Rebecca S. Won by Evan H.
Rachel B. Won by Evan H.
Beth B.
Won by Evan H.
Josuah R. Won by Joshua R.
Rebecca S. Won by Evan H.

Joshua R. Won by Evan H.

Abbe K. Won by Evan H.

Danny G. Won by Evan H.

Beth B. Won by Evan H.

Joshua R. Won by Evan H.

Let's just say....This should have been a clue. But no! I saw that one win by Joshua R. and optimistically thought "Right! Bring it on, indeed!"

Anyone who's spoke to Evan for 3 minutes would know that attempting to beat him at Scrabble is a silly undertaking. He's got the vocabulary of Umberto Eco..... And Wade Davis. Yeah! Like, if Umberto Eco and Wade Davis had a baby, and they both had equal influence on the development of that baby's vocabulary and speaking ability, that baby would be Evan. I'm not lying when I say that I've actually gone home from rehearsal and looked up a word or two from a conversation we had or a scene we were in because I didn't want to appear stupid. Though, in retrospect, the blank, glazed look and dribble of drool from the right corner of my mouth probably gave me away every time.

Anyway, I lost two games of Scrabble to Evan H. Badly. Like, I think about how badly I lost and I cry a little bit, and blame dust in my contacts when someone at work asks if I'm okay. But APPARENTLY I am a glutton for punishment, because I currently have 16 games of Scrabble going, and I've finished (and lost) 14 others.....

But I just WON MY FIRST GAME and nearly broke 300 (292) to boot! YEEHAW!!! (23 points) My worst game was against Mike R. He scored 627 to my 123.

I'd decided not to blog again until I won my first game, and now I have! I've won my first game! Let the inanity resume!


Butternugget said...

So Evan, do you spend all day just searching for people you know to come on board the Facebook train?

Two people now have been pounced on within minutes of joining. Maybe you shouldn't look so desperate?

Make them come to you!

Shannon said...

I've one one game of Scrabble. In my entire life.

It's not that my vocab is that bad, but I have NO sense for the board or where best to place letters. I like to think I live too much in the "now" to worry about such things as planning ahead a move or two.

Put down an "s" so I can add "uck" to it.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I keep wanting to play Boggle - write backwards. I'd have come up with some awesome moves if I could write backwards.

Evan's challenged me again, but I have to clear out at least ten of the games I'm in so I can focus. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow.

Matt Stratton said...

Bring it!