Scrabulolus Dance of JOY!!!

Thank God for the ability to take pictures of your current computer screen view. Thank you Shannon for taking this pic (above). It challenges even the beauty of the moors.

I had to get that pic ASAP as I have a feeling it will change within the next few hours:

Peepster immediately challenged me to a rematch.

It is not easy playing the Peepster. Two games in a row he won on THE LAST MOVE after I'd been ahead for, like, 5 weeks. It's demoralizing. And it hurts my head trying to play my last "v" on a full board. I find myself wondering, "Hmmm....If I put it here maybe..."vinsulubrious" COULD be a word...I think I heard Giles say it once on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...?"

I didn't do so well against Mugsy. 438-252! OUCH! AND I got to use the word "bergere" in that game! I thought I was home free when I played "bergere!" I was all, like, "HA! He's going to see "bergere" and it'll be all he can do not to wet himself. Mwah-hahahaha!" Then he played the word "it" for like, 78 points in his next move.

For a dramatic change of tack: I still challenge that "fi" is not a word. It is "Finland" or "fee" or, if you're referring to The Sound of Music, "fa." Therefore Mugsy should totally have forfeited, but whatever. I'm not bitter or anything.

Of course, if you just took out "fi" the score would have been a FAR more reasonable: 433-252.



evandebacle said...

i have been in a tile tailspin since this defeat. jojo has found a weakness and is exploiting it exquisitely.

Anonymous said...

Go Jolene! I am so proud! Represent!