"Am I Freaking You Out, Man? Is This A Freaky Dream?"

AKA just another flimsy excuse to post pics of David Bowie.

And to post videos of Jermaine from The Flight of the Conchords impersonating David Bowie.

And to post a video of Jermaine and Bret singing to David Bowie in space.

It could be I decided to post about Bowie (again) because my husband and brother-in-law have totally dismissed me as a candidate for the 11th doctor, so, after much Bowie research, I've decided to take 1984 David Bowie along as my companion when I become the 11th doctor.

"But...but...what you mean I'm being regenerated??!! My ratings are SKY high! How could you POSSIBLY have found anyone to replace...Oh, NO! OrangeMoJoJo's decided she wants the part after all! To borrow a Caprica-ism - FRAKKK!!!"

Come to think of it, David Tennant would be a pretty fabulous companion, too, but, like Obama and Hillary, I doubt he'd settle for anything less than top billing, even if he were in drag.

He has better nails than me! Bitch!

But I digress from Bowie, which I would say is unforgiveable, but considering the twists and turns his career has made since the late 60s, I think he'd be okay with a David Tennant segue.

In episode 6 of Flight of the Conchords, entitled "Bowie," Bret has a dream of a helpful intervention by David Bowie after he's spent the day fretting over his body image. He proceeds to have two more dreams of a helpful Bowie after that, and each time Bowie appears to him from a different distinct Bowie era.

"Oh, the media monkeys and the junkie junkies will invite you to to the plastic pantamime; Throw their invites away."

"...I'm not really sure what you're talking about."

Dream Sequence 1: Ziggy Stardust-era, 1972 David Bowie offering Bret advice on overcoming his poor body image

Dream Sequence 2: Ashes to Ashes video, 1980 David Bowie offering Bret advice on going ahead and doing something outrageous when the time comes

And finally, Dream Sequence 3: Labyrinth, 1984 David Bowie questioning his ability to help people after his repeated failed attempts to help Bret. The third and final (or is it? The season is still young in the Netflix queue!) dream is followed with the Flight of the Conchords video "Bowie's in Space," which accounts for the extra three minutes.

I'm not sure why the boys are dressed at the beginning of the "Bowie's in Space" video as if they'd just walked off the cover of Queen II, but Queen is pretty far out there, too, man, so it totally works.


Shannin said...

I can't believe you called the Doctor a bitch! Maybe Time Lords like to get a bit tarted up occasionally and put the "man" back in "manicure".

Rev Transit said...

I can't believe you keep going on and on about some androgynous Brit like this. Can't you think of anything else to put on your blog? How many of your friends do you think are really interested in him?


Hey let me tell the latest thing Russell Brand did...

Shannon said...

"I think he'd be okay with a David Tennant segue."

You just couldn't wait to post that pic, could ya? ;)

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Come on, Rev! Give me some credit! There are non-andrygynous Kiwis in this post as well, and only ONE of them is impersonating an androgynous Brit. Not the Tilda Swinton androgynous Brit, ...or sometimes the Posh Spice one, but the original one.

Rev Transit said...

Jo, I can rationalize better than you can. Here's tomorrow's post:

"I'm feeling grand today. Oh, wait! "Grand" rhymes with 'Brand'. Hey, guess what Russell Brand did now..."

Way more concise.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I can't believe Shannon spelled his own name wrong in the first comment. Time to get out the finger paints and alphabet wall border AGAIN.

It's a little harder to rhyme things to Bowie or David or even Ziggy or Mars or Major Tom or oddity or Aladdin Sane or Thin White Duke or Labyrinth or Jareth or Starman than it is Brand; so I'll have to forego the smooth transitions and continue to crash ahead in my non-subtle blog fashion. "ORANGE!!!!" "SHINY!!!!!" "COFFEE!!!!" "BOWIE!!!!" "This is what's occupying my tiny brain about one (or more - I mean, Bowie often wears shiny things and has dyed his hair orange in the past, there's hope for the future!) at the moment!"