Clash of the Titans: Redux??

So I was thinking about movies I loved when I was a kid, as you do when you're supposed to be working in the middle of a Wednesday. Luckily I can't hear your laughter through my computer (I turned my speakers OFF), because I decided Clash of the Titans was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Hey! Maggie Smith had to start somewhere!

I LOVED reading the Greek myths. My very favorite book as a kid was D'Aulaire's brightly colored Book of Greek Myths. The fact that Clash of the Titans was only very loosely based on the story of Perseus ("loosely" in that there was a guy in a toga in it, a flying horse, Medusa, Caliban...wait, Caliban?? Giant ... scorpions....??, a golden owl...? God I hated that owl! And .....a .... a Kraken...?!?!?) and, and contained visual "special" effects that 1963 Dr. Who creators would have laughed themselves sick at, didn't deter me from watching Clash of the Titans about 2 dozen times, pointing out what had been accurately taken from the myth versus what had been egregiously added by Hollywood to anyone who would listen (yes, Shannon, like what you had to endure when we watched To Kill a Mockingbird. Huh, no WONDER my sister moved away when I was 11....)

Anyway, I watched Clash of the Titans about two dozen times. Granted, that's 2 dozen times less than Blues Brothers, Ghostbusters, WarGames, or Monty Python and the Holy Grail; but still 23 & 1/2 times too many.

Looking back now, I can sum up the film in three words. Awful. Inaccurate. Ridiculous. (AIR).

Which is why I can't BELIEVE they're remaking it. Thanks to Butternugget's post on the remake of such classics as Short Circuits, I laughingly entered "clash of the titans" into IMDB - and it came up with two choices: 1981 or 2010.

I'll probably see it, though - Pegasus drew me to watch the original 23 extra times, Pegasus will draw me to watch it once more.

I will not be the one to enter "kangaroo jack" into IMDB to find out when it's being remade, though, nosirree.

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Butternugget said...

I didn't know how to break the news to you about this one so I'm glad you found out.

I do agree with you, they should leave this one alone as well.