Do Chrisi's Homework!

My friend Christoph's girlfriend, Chrisi, is working on her final assignment for her course in art studies. She is dealing with the stereotypes associated with different European countries - including prejudices. As a German, she's having a hard time thinking of prejudices associated with Germans from the outside. Aside from "precision," can you think of any to help her out?

Thank you!

Chris and Chrisi!


evandebacle said...

Some German stereo-archetypes I can think of are:

1. the blond ubermensch
2. the disciplined and precise taskmaster
3. the disciplined and precise female taskmaster (i.e., the tall, cold dominatrix)
4. the anti-Semite

Shannon said...

Man, it's hard for a German major to do this:

1. Nazis
2. Militaristic/aggressive
3. Lederhosen wearin' beer drinkers
4. Techno-listening post-modern nihilists

Rev Transit said...

German women fart in public and laugh about it.

Even Anarchists in Germany obey the pedestrian traffic lights.

And there's this quote attributed to Churchill (although I think a French premier may have said it first-- maybe Clemenceau): "They're either at your feet or at your throat".

Any machine Germans make will run forever.

And there's this true to life illustration from when the Euro was adopted. The German government ran ads saying something like "it represents true value". The Irish had a cute jingle: "The change is in your pocket."

Mark Twain, after watching a horrible play in German and then being asked why he sat thru the whole thing instead of walking out early: "I was waiting for the verb".

The Germans take their beer very seriously. Only Germany and Namibia follow the Reinheitsgebot.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

"German women fart in public and laugh about it."


Butternugget said...

On topic but not helping...

I work with a German guy and one time when a bunch of us were talking about the Simpsons and their frequent jokes about Germans we asked him if in the translated version shown in Germany if they left those parts in or edited them out.

He told us they left them in but changed them to be about the Austrians.

We found this to be hilarious.