New (Only?) Addition to My Dream House

When Shannon and I build our dream barn conversion, the kitchen will have to have one of these:

An Aga cooker [*insert Angelic singing voices here*]. Maybe a chair or two and a table, and a big ol' fireplace in the living room. That's as far as I've gotten in building my dream home.

We spent just over a week with one in the Yorkshire Moors (Day 2 posting soon!), and I only cooked tea, beans and toast, and chicken on it; but I am absolutely head over heels in love with the Aga. I can now imagine building a house - something I've never really put much thought into before - but only if that house has a kitchen with an Aga.

Granted, it was 30 degrees during our vacation (75 below with the wind chill) so the Aga kept the generously-sized kitchen nice and toasty and cozy - that kind of "coziness" wouldn't translate well into a Chicago summer....

Well that means we can't build in Chicago! Or even Illinois! We'd have to turn it off from May through September. I'm loathe to use air conditioning unless absolutely necessary; and having the A/C fight it out with the Aga for an entire season wouldn't sit well with my conscience!

Maybe Maine.....or Seattle! Seattle's weather certainly parallels England's; and we'd get to see Cleff once a year! Or...England! England has Cleff in it all the time, and I can add bedrooms to our dream home to accommodate guests from the US! A barn conversion in England.... *swoooooon*

I mean, not that I'm getting carried away by this Aga thing or anything.

This is as close to orange as there seems to be:

Maybe I'll have to settle for blue?


Shannon said...

you're thinking too small! We can have TWO kitchens in the barn - a winter kitchen with the aga and a summer kitchen.

Or we have such a big kitchen that we have both an aga and a regular stove - during the summer we turn off the aga.

No sweat. :)

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Or we can build a summer barn conversion (States - sans Aga) and a winter barn conversion (England - with Aga)!

Shannon said...

NOW you're thinking!

Rev Transit said...

Choose England! Choose England!

Could I have a stall in the barn? Just a simple stall with Wi-Fi...

Mu said...

Have I taken Jo to the uber-cool hardware store in Amish country? I get confused on who has been there.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I remember the awesome stoves at that store. NEAT!!