*Pssst!* Dude! It's Not REALLY a Miracle!

Thomas Beatie and his wife, Nancy, are having a baby. Nancy is unable to have children, so she successfully artificially inseminated Thomas....

....and now he's pregnant.

Thomas Beatie receives an OprahSound. Yup! He's preggers!

*insert record album scratch here*

No! It's true! Here's the catch: Thomas was born a woman, but felt like a man trapped in a woman's body, so she became a man. He is recognized by the state of Oregon as a man, and he is married to Nancy.

Despite feeling like a man trapped in a woman's body, he kept his female reproductive organs in case he wanted to have a baby some day. Nancy is unable to have children, so Thomas came off the testosterone and, after the second try, was successfully artificially inseminated. Now that he's pregnant, the couple is claiming it's a "miracle" that Thomas, a man, is giving birth.

Let me start off by saying I'm happy for you guys, seriously, and I hope your baby is born healthy, but it's simply not a miracle that Thomas Beatie is pregnant. He was born a woman. Now, if he'd had a complete hysterectomy when he made the decision to become a man and THEN became pregnant - THEN we could start talking miracles.

This is one of those (many) times I do NOT understand why people "have to go public" and share their story. I don't see why a woman - a man trapped in a woman's body, but biologically a woman - feels she has to go on Oprah to say she's pregnant, and that it's a miracle. We're not living in A Handmaid's Tale. Women DO still get pregnant and bear healthy children these days.

"It's not a male or female desire to have a child. It's a human desire," Thomas Beatie said.

Dude, please stop trying to justify your actions. You have no one to answer to. Be happy. Raise your child. And please, God, stay off the national TV daytime circuit or you're going to end up on Jerry Springer and that is NOT going to be pretty. If you're trying to use your pregnancy to bring about awareness for diversity, that's wonderful, but please keep the line between attention seeking and awareness CLEARLY in view or you'll end up doing alot more harm than good - for transgender couples, and for your family.

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Butternugget said...

I agree completely. I kept starting to write about this but I just got annoyed. To be clear, I do support gender changes but to me it would only be a miracle if he was in fact born a man.

Also, the photos creep me out and I found out why. I first saw them in the British tabloids and they were so posed and odd that couldn't look at them very long. Then I found out that they are from a proper photo shoot! Makes you wonder.