Seriously, What Is WRONG WITH THIS MAN!?!??

It's no secret that my loathing for the Shrub is bottomless but, to quote Maureen Dowd, "the more terrified Americans get, the more bizarrely carefree he seems." McCain, short of blowing Bush off for his golden endorsement (read: leaden albatross), arrived to the event late. Bush was waiting for him on the White House steps, joking with the crowd, goofing off - he even did a little dance which CNN has on tape here.

Things are obviously going well for Shrub - he's optimistic, positive, cheerful, even giddy. He plays silly and pretends to be ignorant when asked about skyrocketing oil prices like it's all a joke. I realize it takes a special person to become a politician, much less the president, but I never thought of that as "special" in quotes. What makes my stomach positively turn is that he's got something up his sleeve that will keep him taken care of and comfortable for the rest of his life, probably at the expense of his country and his people, and that's all he cares about. And you know what? He's going to be just fine. People like him always are.

I know he'll be gone in January. I do. But he should have been gone years ago, and I'm not sure why we let him stay in office. It's OUR office, the appointee is supposed to represent US (pun intended). With less than a 40% approval rating (and that's being generous), you can't tell me that he has represented the majority in YEARS. Yet aside from making fun of him, throwing up our arms in disgust, being embarrassed by his inappropriate silliness and faux ignorance, there he is "representing" us; there he is - President of the United States. Unchallenged for 8 years. Getting our people killed in a war he lied about to get us into in the first place. He can't even feign, or deign, to care.

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