Don't Mess With the Unicorns!

I read this headline and my brain substituted "Unicorns" for "Unions."

My thought process then proceeded along this little path 1) "there really are unicorns??" 2) "the unicorns chosen to come forth and speak NOW to warn us about the new London transport chief??" 3) "....waaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute! That reads UNIONS!" 4) "I wonder if there's still some coffee left..." 5) Dang! Where did I put my badge?" 6) "That badger pun on Saturday really was pretty stupid...I wonder if Eddie said it solely as a vehicle to flick us all off?" 6) "You know, I've never actually seen a badger. Do they exist? I mean, if the unicorns chose to speak out against the new London transport chief, would the badgers speak for him?" 7) "I love orange."

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Mu said...

Looooook, Chaaaarlie! It's a union! It's a magic union! You're the union king, Chaaarrrllie!