Hey! Ketchup!

I've been told by 2 of my 3 readers that I haven't posted in over 2 weeks, which comes as a surprise to me! In my defense, I've actually been pretty busy, and when I have had time to blog I've had petty, angry, snarky ideas that I didn't want to bore you with.

Now it's the Friday before a long weekend (thank you, veterans! I DO appreciate all you've done for our country! Now those of you fighting in Iraq please come home safely ASAP!), I am only working a half day today, I have nary a committee in sight until the end of June (and that is one of my favorites!), we have season 3 of Battlestar Galactica and a couple of old classics (Dead Ringers and Unfaithfully Yours) waiting for us at home from Netflix, I got a surprise raise for no apparent reason, and though my hip still hurts, at least I know it's not seriously injured. Also, in a few hours I will no longer resemble Katie Holmes. I will also have a new hairdresser who actually listens to me when I say "PLEASE don't touch the back! I'm trying to grow it...Oh. Um,...well never mind then."

Last week was just nuts. It started on the 8th when I had to report downtown for our oral exams. I was facilitating at the VA in Maywood. Shannon met me after work and we headed down to the James Hotel's Asha Spa where I had him booked for his first massage EVER. The fact that he'd never had a massage didn't really shock me, the fact that I hadn't booked him for one before now - active as he is with his gym-going and biking and seagull slaughtering - did. We were a bit early so on the way there we popped in to the Peninsula Hotel to check out their legendary chocolate buffet. Turns out the buffet is only offered at the weekend, so we turned to leave. As we walked back to the elevators we passed 6 suits and a guy dressed in red short-shorts and a red hoodie. Richard Simmons! Shannon was talking to me as we passed, and RS and I exchanged a smile and a nod. I kept face forward and interrupted Shannon a, "you do realize we just passed Richard Simmons, don't you?" He turned around in plenty of time to see him. I so rarely get to report a celebrity sighting!

We got to the Asha and I waited for Shannon in the very soothing waiting room. The receptionist checked on me every 20 minutes or so and kept my water refilled while I read The Stranger (we'd seen The Strangerer the week before and it had been years since I'd read The Stranger so I wanted to refresh my memory - turns out I hadn't forgotten much!). By the time Shannon emerged it was difficult to determine which of us had gotten the treatment we were both so mellow. From there we headed to Francesca's on Taylor in Italian Village for some yummy pasta and a nice dry Chianti.

It was a treat getting to stay downtown at the Chicago Hilton for work for nearly a week. Shannon was only ten minutes away from work, so we got to have breakfast at The Artists' Cafe a couple of times; and I was close enough to home where I got to sleep in my own bed on Saturday night then wander in in plenty of time for a meeting on Sunday afternoon. Friday we met with the Rev and some of his friends at Fado (AWESOME!!!) followed by Kittie O'Shea's (SUCKASS!!!!); and Monday night my friend Beck met me for dinner at Ben Pao. We had a reception for the examiner's on Sunday night in the Hilton's Grand Ballroom (niiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!) where the bartender took a real shine to me and had a Beefeater gimlet waiting for me every time I came into sight. You know it's a bad sign when you go back to your hotel room after a 2-hour reception with 2 gimlets in hand that the bartender had given you before he closed down, and half an hour later you find you're sobbing through the movie Juno which you'd rented through On Demand. Let's just say, Juno's a good movie - better than I'd expected - but it's not exactly a tearjerker.

Last week I had two meetings and two dinners immediately following two very intense, very long days of exams at the VA. The VA was awesome, the staff was fantastic, and the exams went very smoothly, but it doesn't matter how smoothly things go - they're still very long days. I'm really glad I don't have to attend another one until November! By the weekend I was exhausted and in alot of pain. I'd pulled my hip weeks before and it didn't seem to be getting any better. In fact, it appeared to me it was getting worse. I decided to test it by walking with Shannon over 10 miles to Santorini's to meet Beck and her friends for dinner before EDDIE IZZARD!!!! who was AWESOME!!!!
Two celebrity sitings in one week! Okay, so I bought tickets for one of them... It still counts! I can't wait for the Stripped video. He was in top form, and his new material was fantastic. I especially loved the giraffes and the immoral dinosaurs. I seriously hope somebody puts a video of dinosaurs wrestling in 70's wrestling gear on YouTube for him - he totally earned it!

Here's something from YouTube for you, though you've probably seen this before: The Lego version of Eddie's Death Star Canteen bit:

Sunday we went to the gym where I decided that my hip was seriously damaged and would have to be replaced with anything but pain. Shannon and I got online and I determined it was the sacro-iliac joint, and that I'd torn all of my ligaments, muscles, and tendons, and somehow the cartilage had turned to bits of glass. Monday I got on line looking for an ortho who specialized in non-invasive (read: non surgical/non-17" thick needles full of ouchie juice) and came across the name of the Bears' orthopaedic surgeon. What the heck! I thought. He deals with pulls and strains and breaks and injuries and 700-pound linebackers who cry at the sight of a needle on a daily basis. Feeling I have the physique of a linebacker, or at least a running back, these days, I decided I decided I would fit in in his office as well as anybody, and gave his office a call. I went for my appointment yesterday and was told that yes, it was my SI joint (YES!!!) and that I didn't need any treatment but rehab - it would heal by itself within 6-8 weeks (YESSS!!!!!) I'd just pulled a bunch of little muscles and twisted them really badly. Stupid yoga-lates!! The entire visit - with x-rays - took under 20 minutes. It was the most efficiently run office I'd ever seen! The diagnosis portion was hilarious: "Here's your x-ray, so you can see nothing's broken or torn. Stand up. Now turn this way, twist this way, turn this way, lean to the right. It's your SI joint." When I went to check out the receptionist asked what part of the body I was going for rehab for so he could fill out the paperwork, and I responded "I've twisted the muscles in my sacro-iliac joint."


"Uh, I hurt my hip?"

"Hip. There you go!"

I am a relieved JoJo! I won't be doing too much at the gym for a few weeks, but at least I know I can walk from our place to Evanston to see NeverWhere tomorrow.

And now, I leave you with some Friday joy: Richard Simmons on Who's Line Is It, Anyway? with Colin and Ryan. This may be the funniest scene I've ever seen on this show:


Shannon said...

Ahhh, welcome back. It was worth the wait.

Mu said...

THAT was reaaallllllyyy funny. Wow.

Rev Transit said...

How come Shannon hasn't blogged about the massage?