It has become clear to me that we're going to have to move to Alabama. NOW. It has come to my glaring attention that my Fairy God-Motherly influence is very dearly missed in the rearing of my innocent GodBaby!

I mean,.... it's just that,.... Can you believe?!?!..... I can't even talk. Just take a look at this picture!

BUDWEISER???? CAMELS??? Dear GOD! I'm on my way, Sammy!

If anyone needs me you can find me at Binny's stocking up on Benson & Hedges and Guinness.

Oh, no! I can't remember..... Help me! How many bottles of Laphroig will fit into an average-sized suitcase?!?!? Think! THINK!!! I just, I just can't focus my thoughts! I'm all a dither! I can't believe things have gotten this far beyond my control.

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Rev Transit said...

Truly appalling.

Moving to Alabama isn't the answer IMO. Sammy's going to have to move to a decent neighborhood, one where you can get a Belgian ale at the corner grocery.

She's growing up fast!