Some Women Want Kids,

I want another stinky weasel!

I've been trolling the shelter and breeder sites on and off for weeks. I can't believe how excited I get when I think of getting another ferret or two. AH! A baby kit of my own to raise to and train to torment Shannon by hiding his heart rate monitor and stealing all the chocolate and BBQ chips in the house... *heart swells*

There are several ferret breeders in Ohio, and we're going to be within 100 miles of at least 3 them on my birthday when we go to visit Mu and Mere.... I may have to make a quick detour on the way when Shannon's not looking....

I realize ferretses are not everyone's cup or tea, or, rather, mason jar lid of water.

Indeed, I have only met a handful of people who share my total adoration of these sneaky, stinky, mischievous little creatures, but, man, I do love 'em!

And as long as we live next door to The Screaming Banshee, aka, BC (Birth Control,) there's no chance of us having kids, so quiet pets it is. Holy God, for something so tiny and cute, that kid has the LOUDEST, most developed sustainable shriek I've ever heard. You'd think she was being flayed alive for hours every. Single. Day. Jamie Lee Curtis hears her and goes, "....Damn! I'm glad I wasn't up against you for the role of Laurie in Halloween - I'd have never been discovered!"

For serious.

Credit Tacky Raccoons for that last pic!


Butternugget said...

I keep meaning to ask if you have seen the commercial for Kraft Bagel-fuls (stick like bagel with cream cheese inside).

There is one with two women in an elevator talking and one has a ferret in a baby chest carrier thingy and is eating a Bagel-fuls...comedy ensues.

Bunk Strutts said...

The last ferret with the beer can was from my friend Weasel. The ferret (Bosley) eventually went to Ohio State University with Weasel's son a few years ago. Bosley was a hit with the ladies.
[Thanx for the link to Tacky Raccoons. --Bunk]

Happy Cat said...

Your cat looks just like mine! Is she a siberian?