Define Irony....

Well, yes, a bunch of idiots dancing around on a to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash, but, too:

Losing a game of Scrabulous to a guy who can only "speak" online in textyblab.

This is a disturbing trend. I just lost a game of Scrabulous to another person who wrote everything in lazytextblab ("lol!" "rofl!" "ceo!" "bff!" "gl!" "ou812!" "roygbiv!" "byob!" "scmods!" "rsvp!" "elgdf!") Not being versed in lazytextblab (I actually swo (spell words out)), I had to look up everything he wrote. We can add this to the ever-growing List of Things OrangeMoJoJo Finds Really REALLY IRRITATING, right after morning commute radio.

The kicker was the last one: "ggty." That's how I found out I'd lost. 'ggty'...'ggty'...'good... game?'...waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute! 'Good game ... thank you??!!' - WHAT?? I was up 32 points?!?!....HOW?!?!"

Turns out 32 point lead means nothing when your opponent's LAST MOVE uses up his LAST 7 TILES for 75 points.






IOU, MF!!!!

Scrabulous bmwbh (breaks my widdle bitty heart)


Rev Transit said...

Well, as Adam Gopnik would say, "LOL". That's short for "lots of love":


kellypaul said...

Don't mock our state anthem! Just wait until you visit.