I'm adopting two stinky weezils!!! One is a 3-year-old black roan mitt hob (male) named Nosferretu, and I'm also adopting a newborn baby ferret kit from a litter that was just born on Tuesday!! FERRET BEBBIES!!! I'm hoping for a champagne or silver, so I won't know what sex I'll get for a couple of weeks when their coats come in a bit. Seriously, though, if it turns out there are no champagnes or silvers, I'll be just as happy with a sable. Or a black sable. Or an albino. I loves me da stinky weezil dookers!

I am really excited that I'll get to raise and train my own ferret from a kit. I'll be able to train him/her to use the litter box, go for walks outside, sleep in my pocket, steal Shannon's socks, ride in the basket of my orange cruiser along the Skokie sculpture path, sing backup for me in the shower, ride Boudicca like a pony (more like a mastadon), steal Shannon's improv notes, make the perfect macaroni and cheese from scratch, master the silks and trapeze at the Actor's Gymnasium and star in the next Neil Gaiman circus interpretation, take on congress, steal Shannon's Peanut Butter Bumpers, play Scrabulous with me on Facebook and let me win once in a while, sew me cute orange skirts, bring peace to the Middle East, steal Shannon's fitness strap, memorize the lines to Star Wars episodes IV and V, Caddyshack, and the Monty Python anthology, act as my familiar...I...can't....WAIT!!!!

I was thinking of naming the kit (baby) Boba. Boba Ferret. HA! Get it?? I thought I was being clever! Unfortunately, if you type "Boba Ferret" into Google you get 39,600 hits. BLAST!!! Luckily I have a coupla months to start thinking of names, though I will probably ultimately wait to see if s/he names him/herself. Boudicca was originally Hazel after all!

I'll be picking up Nosferretu and Boba the day after my berfday. Happy berfday to me!

I am hoping that this ferret distraction will help me through Naomi's moving to NC. I am not coping well!!!


Shannon said...

And I look forward to undermining EVERYTHING you teach the little guy (or gal)! Bwa-ha-haaaaa!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I'll train him/her to belly-laugh at your attempts to undermine stuff, then to steal your Ben & Jerry's and eat it in some place where you can't get 'em, like behind the couch, chuckling all the while! Then I'll teach him to poop in your bike shoes while letting the air outta your tires and singing Ethel Murman songs.

I'm laughing because I can actually picture a ferret doing all this stuff. JOY!