It was ORANGE!!! DAY in NZ!! OrangeGirl accidentally missed it, but she gave me plenty of notice seeing as we're like 4 days behind Wellington here in Chicago.

To celebrate Orange Day, I will not hit, maim, kill, splash, throw coffee at, swear at, or even glare at any road workers*, no matter how long I'm delayed in front of the Abt on Milwaukee Ave; the Bank of America on Waukegan; or, well anywhere on the Edens.

*I never actually do any of those things.

To road workers.

To people trying to cut around traffic in the right lane, speeding along to cut ahead because their time is SO much more important than anyone else's when they can see for
miles that that lane will be closed...well, let's just say, they're fair game.

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Orange Girl said...

Well I missed the parade, but that's kind of OK as it was full of kids! ... but I still wore orange. Surprise surprise! Thanks for your wishes :-)