This Day Is Cursed! I Have The Counter-Curse!

I just found TasteSpotting 2 DAYS ago, and It was closed down this morning!!! To quote Peepster: "TRAGEDY!!!" I know it was some time after 8 AM because I'd checked it this morning with my Morning Coffee Blog Troll (MCBT). I'd only known of the site for two days and already it was on my Blog Troll list!

Happy Friday the 13th indeed! First the Templars, now this!

Don't let horrible, nasty things like having your favorite blog-of-the-moment shut down on YOU!


PERFORM THIS COUNTER CURSE before anything terrible happens to YOU!! Like, that pair of shoes you were eyeballing on Traipse's Website were SOLD OUT 10 MINUTES before you got to the store, and they only have 2 pairs left in stock: one two sizes larger and one two sizes smaller!!

The Counter Curse: Come wish us a Happy Birthday on Sunday at 1:30 at The Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont Ave., and I promise you won't be burned at the stake like the Templars. If you don't make it, .....well....

Today is The Flying Buttresses 5th birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUTTRESSES!!!

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