The Song of Summer

I only listen to The Cars during the summer. They just sound wrong any other time of the year. I play this song (below) every Solstice as a way to let myself accept that summer is finally here! The first 10 "taps" initiate an almost Pavlov-ian response in me. It's like the "happy summer synapses" that had lain dormant since the previous September suddenly switch to "ON!" when I hear the very beginning of this song, before the music itself even starts. Not a bad video for the '80s, either!


kellypaul said...

That was most excellent! I should remember more of the '80s videos, but, alas, most of the time I spent watching them was after a night out while I was eating something really greasy, so, let's say, my memories are a bit fuzzy.

I really love the way Rick Ocasek puts a Tom Petty/Bob Dylan twang on the word "treacherous."

That reminds me of one of the funniest SNL skits I ever saw was when they were conducting an interview with "Dylan" and couldn't understand a word he said, so they brought in "Petty" to translate. Both were incomprehensible.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

"I really love the way Rick Ocasek puts a Tom Petty/Bob Dylan twang on the word "treacherous.""

*laugh!* Second only to Toto's ("Africa"):"Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Sarengeti" in the "ooh, now you're pushing that rhyme!" category. (o:

My only exposure to videos in high school was _Friday Night Videos_ which ran, I think, from 11:30PM-2AM. I rarely missed an episode! And consequently I rarely awoke before noon on Saturday. Just in time for Son of Svengoolie.

I don't know who Spade ticked off, but there's very little of his stuff posted on the SNL Website. His name isn't even listed among the cast members! nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/

I'll have to find the "Dylan and Petty" news bit via Netflix. I'm pretty sure it's on his "Best Of...." DVD It's hilarious how much more like Dylan Petty sounds every year! And they go touring together?!? How can you tell one from the other?? No wonder they can only get away with charging for one ticket! (o;

Mu said...

The Cars are great! :)

I also like making up words to this one, along the lines of

I can't help it - it is Saturday!
I can't help it - I cry Oy Vey!
I'm in the


It amazes me that Meredith can put up with me.

Shannon said...

I think the "since you're gone" in the song refers to Mu's brain.

Rev Transit said...

Maybe it just refers to the part of Mu's brain he uses to blog with, since he seems to have forgotten he has a blog.

Mu said...

Ahhh! But with good kitty-related reasons!