Steps Meets Dr. Who

I've already posted on Andrew Hayden Smith once before, but I haven't seen him in a while (note to self: bump up Torchwood in Netflix queue), and, thanks to Mu, Steps version of "Tragedy" has been in my head, alternating, inexplicably, with Rufus Wainrights "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk."

Whenever I saw Andrew Hayden Smith's character, Jake, on Dr. Who, I would pause the DVD and sing "BYE BYE BYE!" to Shannon while trying to do the N'Sync dances moves to the song. I did not know at the time Smith was gay, but I did associate him with gay clubs in London and it just struck me why a couple of days ago thanks to a certain post and the mention of the word "disco." My mind had gone "boy band" - "disco" - "synchronized dance moves" (a'la N'Sync). Which led me, of course, to the best club in London.

Okay, so Steps wasn't exactly a boy band - there were 3 girls and 2 guys - but their massive hit-remake of the Bee Gee's "Tragedy" was played at clubs everywhere, and I danced to it in every gay club in Oxford and several in London (where else do you go to dance?? For serious!!).

I actually got to see Steps perform with several other bands at a charity benefit at Heaven, a massive gay dance club in London. They got up there, the first notes of "Tragedy" were heard, the crowd went apeshit, and of the thousands of people there, every one the dance that went along with the song.

Everyone, that is, but me.

My friend Brendan tried desperately to teach me the moves but gave up when I got frustrated and stubbornly started doing the "Macarena"/Three Amigos salute.

By the end of "Tragedy" I was surrounded by guys doing the "Macarena," and Brendan had disappeared.

Here's Steps performing "Tragedy" live on stage so you can see the dance for yourself. There's also a cheesy video which I love precisely because it's cheesy. Besides, (disclosure time!) I've gotta admit, I have a soft spot for the Bee Gees. There. I've said it. This is a pretty good cover. Probably because it sounds exactly the same (they have women singing the falsetto parts. Hee!)

Here's a step by step demonstration of how to do the Tragedy steps. Probably posted by Brendan as soon as we returned to Oxford.

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