Time To Refocus

Clinton may not have conceded, but to show my support for Obama I'm going to start poking at McCain until she comes around.

I'll admit, Colonel Tigh from Battlestar Galactica is my favorite character, but he's flawed. Very very flawed. And made a lot of mistakes. A LOT. At the end of Season 3* he finds out how wrong he was about everything. EVERYTHING. I'm so concerned about this that I just realized I repeated everything twice. TWICE!

I would NOT want Colonel Tigh for president.

Not convinced this is the same man? Note the issues he has with music in each of these two clips -the first from Galactica, episode 20 which aired on March 25, 2007;

and the second from a town hall meeting in SC, April 18, 2007 - less than a month later!

John Saul McTigh should not be elected for president. He's a dangerous man. He throws people out of airlocks when he disagrees with them, for frack's sake. He swears like a sailor, and though the creative color of his swearing is quite impressive, it is probably not the image we want to convey to the rest of the world. He comes unglued. He's undependable and ornery. He drinks way too much. He hears things. I can't say any more because then I'd spoil Season 3, but I wish I could spoil it because then I'd spare you from watching it.

OBAMA IN '08!!!!

*Season 3 was the weakest season by far. Borderline awful. I felt so cheated at the end, I wanted to bitch slap a writer. The whole season was so totally contrived. What happened to the writers?? They were BRILLIANT in Seasons 1 and 2! Were they abducted or destroyed and replaced by cylons? Or worse yet, the writers of Beverly Hills 90210? Confidential to the writers: if you started taking drugs, please stop. You're not just hurting yourselves, you're hurting everyone around you. And if you stopped taking drugs, uh, please resume your, uh, regimen.


Matt Stratton said...

Hm. I don't know that I agree with your sentiment - I do think Season 2 was better than 3, but I don't think it was terrible.

I will say this - if you hated 3, you're going to detest 4.

That being said, what was it about 3 you disliked? Was it across the board or just at the end? Because I found all the stuff on New Caprica (especially the Exodus episodes) to be fantastic.

The second half of the season had some real snoozers though. However, I think you will disagree with me when I say that the last four episodes were really something special. But that's just MHO.

Matt Stratton said...

BTW, I assume you've seen this:


OrangeMoJoJo said...

You're absolutely right - It was from about episode 11/12 that things started plummeting.

The entire first half of the season was seriously pretty amazing. In fact, that's what inspired my Gaeta posts.

To keep from giving anything away, let's just say I was on to Galen almost immediately, and from then on there were not only no surprises for me, it just felt totally forced. The "five" in particular.

There were definitely a few highlights (The Son Also Rises was really good, as was Dirty Hands, and The Woman King was pretty good, too), but I wanted to throw both Kara AND Lee out the airlock by the end of episode. By the time we saw Maelstrom I was pretty seriously disgusted.

I'm all for crazy mystical stuff, but in this series it totally puts me off. It, again, feels forced. I find the personal interactions among the surviving humans SO much more fascinating. It may be, too, that I'd figured out what was going on in the last two episodes like immediately, and was like, "You have GOT. To be kidding me....No, I have to be wrong." Nope! Not only was I not surprised, but I was pretty seriously annoyed.

That said, I do still plan on seeing Season 4. Maybe the way this all plays out will still surprise me after all...

OrangeMoJoJo said...

*laugh!* I DID see that! I was pretty bummed that I wasn't the first person on the planet to see the resemblance. BLAST!!

Shannon said...

I have to echo Jo-Jo on this. Anytime the series concentrates on human survival and/or politics, it's pretty riveting stuff. As soon as they drift into the mystical weirdness or try and do romance/relationship stuff, it's pretty tiresome, predictable, and generally poor writing. New Caprica was great, as was the trial in general (esp. when you realize that this aired at the roughly same time Hussein was on trial in Iraq). These episodes made me question and think, struggle with ethics.

Matt Stratton said...

I suppose part of this was me trying to remember all of what Season 3 was about (I tend to only really remember New Caprica because ZOMG! GALACTICA FALLING THROUGH THE ATMOSPHERE AND LAUNCHING VIPERS AND JUMPING OMIGOD!), but I do agree that the mystical stuff (Arrow of Apollo, etc) tends to go a little sour with me. That being said, I absolutely love the religious tangles between the Cylon God and the Lords of Kobol (not literally, but the whole concept is awesome to me).

There's a great book called "So Say We All", edited by Richard Hatch, which is a collection of BSG essays. It's pretty interesting and I highly recommend it as a good read.

Finally, Lee Adama can suck it. He is my least favorite character, hands down. He's not interesting, gets a little whiny, and I haven't the slightest interest in his development.

Kara, on the other hand...she gets more and more interesting.

Have you seen "Razor" yet?

Butternugget said...

I agree, season three had some pretty low, or at least boring spots. I know I was pretty annoyed by the Irish Lawyer, or at least think it went on for too long. Also, I didn't really like/buy the idea that Apollo suddenly found his true calling.

Sadly, that kind of drama is apparently going to be the center of the spin-off that will be on Caprica before it got bombed to bits.

Butternugget said...

Oh yeah, and I'm still not voting for him but I would like it if he would start wearing an eye patch. It would be kind of fun and kicky.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

John Saul McTigh totally rocks the iPatch.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Did I just write iPatch???

I meant EYE patch! Yeep.

We haven't seen Razor yet! I'd totally forgotten about it! Good?

I do LOVE the way they work in theology: the cylons belief in one god and the humans belief in many gods. SO interesting! Credit Six for sustaining her status of "fascinating" through the third season. And I wanna know Gaeta's secret! *pounds table with fist!* So yeah, we'll be watching season 4.