You Can't HANDLE the Cute!

Good morning. Please, sit down. Make yourself comfortable. We're going to be here a while

There has been a lot of talk recently about cat cuteness. I am here to remind you that there is nokitty cuter than me.

It was obvious from the time my bipeds brought me home that I was special.

I had a natural ability to get myself into all worldsa cute.

Everything I did deserved a snap.

It's not like I went out of my way or anything, I just did what I do.

Only cuter than anykitty else.

I won people over from 10 states...


Illinois, Arizona

California, Indiana, Alabama, Maine



...and Ohio.


Even other very strange animals find me irresistible.

Sometimes I had to climb on to high places just to get some peace from all the cuddling.

In fact, I still do!

I know, I know - most of those pictures are old. I can almost hear you say "Yes, but what have you done for us lately, Athelred?"



I can cute in my sleep!

Though I'll admit I was totally inspired by Oscar for some of my moves. He was awesome!!

I can cute in a bag,

I can cute with a nag!

(heh heh! Just kidding, Bu!)

I'm even cute when I drink water outta the Christmas tree.

I do miss drinking buddies - especially Umberto.

So does Bu. Umberto was cute, too, in a "weird!!" way. He always kept us entertained - and made us even MORE entertaining! How is that even POSSIBLE?!?

I have to go nap cutely now, but remember, you can shut the door on cute, but I can still reach you!


Shannon said...

Winner! Winner, winner, winner!

Rev Transit said...

Minnie's still the winner among cats with the right number of digits.

Mu said...

Very cute, but I'm still convinved that no one has cultivated the "look, I'm cute" attitude better then Matcka.

Orange Girl said...

Oh he *is* all kinds of cute! How'd he get up on top of the coat rack? And what about that Christmastreewater beard? ;-)

OrangeMoJoJo said...

He actually climbed up the coat rack! He still tries to climb it, but he's too big now - he only gets about half way up.

I can't believe how huge he's gotten! I just weighed him: 13&1/2 pounds. He's only got 4 pounds to go to catch up to Bu!

kellypaul said...

Wow! It's official. You have more pictures of your cat than your niece!