51 million.

Unwanted children.

Every year.

That's, like, the equivalent of an entire country of unwanted children every single year. There are over 5000,000 children in the US foster care system alone.

The World Bank proposes to educate women in poorer countries on the use of birth control to avoid unplanned, unwanted pregnancies; and to prevent 68,000 women from dying every year from unsafe abortions; not to mention preventing another 5.3 MILLION women from suffering disability from botched abortions. And since I don't see Shrub and the Pope running out and trying to adopt or even find stable, loving homes for all of the unwanted kids who are already here, (indeed Shrubbie is killing off more than a few wanted ones in his idiot war while cutting funding for social programs that would educate women and keep children healthy); I seriously think they should just shut the hell up about the evils of not creating new ones.

One of the reasons women in sub-Saharan African countries are having so many unwanted children is that they don't know how to use the birth control they have access to. There are instances, for example, of men taking the birth control pills because they don't think their wives will understand that they have to take them every day.

This lowers efficacy by, like, 100%.

I propose asking Paris Hilton to put her vast knowledge on the subject of birth control to demonstrate the proper use of Ortho Evra, the contraceptive patch, (and apparently a fashion accessory! See below at your own risk) the next time she gets arrested. It'll be her public service! Put her to work! Frighteningly enough, she can demonstrate the proper placement of the patch without removing her (what she considers) clothes.








Contraceptive patch.

I believe she's had more sex than the entire continent of Africa, yet she has not experienced one pregnancy. Though she's, of course, not above trying to making the media wonder ...

Hey! Whatever gets ya in front of the cameras, right?

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