Appetite Stimulant

I haven't eaten anything today, which isn't too bizarre. I usually skip breakfast (BAD!!!), but I usually work up an appetite by lunch. If I don't, I have a Diet Coke.

Within minutes I. Am. STARVING!

I've pretty much given up Diet Coke because A) I was drinking way too much of it - I could go through a 2-liter in two days not counting what I was drinking at work out of our 35-cent pop machine. Which was a LOT., and B) I don't trust artificial sweeteners. They don't scream "HEALTHY!" to me. So, with the help of my crutch - regular Pepsi - I've been trying to build a relationship with water that never existed, but has so far been pretty successful!

A third reason I decided in earnest to cut way back on my Diet Coke intake was an article Shannon sent me a few months ago that said that diet soft drinks could screw with your metabolism and make you eat more, thus undermining any weight loss efforts you were making. I thought I'd make a guinea pig of myself and see what happened as I cut back.

After about a month of simply cutting back, I noticed that my appetite went NUTS after a few sips of my Diet Coke. I couldn't get something to eat fast enough. When I had a Diet Coke with my lunch, though, these effects weren't noticeable. I didn't eat any more or less than I normally did.

Now I reserve the Diet Coke for when I either have a meal in front of me or have just eaten; or have no appetite but know I should eat. So I'm down to about 3 cans a week. Usually I just have water. Or coffee. Usually both.

I should have known that I, at least, had an issue with America's third top selling soft drink years ago. I learned long ago that I can't drink it before a meeting, for example, because it really messes with my stomach and makes it all growly. Scary growly. LOUD scary growly. Like, an-alien-is-trying-to-get-out loud scary growly.

I wonder if I'd tried eating Mentos with a Diet Coke....? I'll let you ponder that while I have my lunch!

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Shannon said...

I should mention that I believe the 2 gentlemen in the video you posted are from Maine. This is the sort of pure genius the state produces!