Batman Behind Bars!

Christian Bale is in jail today after assaulting his mom in London.

???? Christian BALE?? He seems so laid back and, well, nice. A good guy!

My guess, and it's just a theory, is that he has heard nothing but "OMG! Heath Ledger was AMAZING!!! What was it like to work with Heath Ledger? Heath Ledger was fantastic! Heath Ledger totally stole the movie! Heath Ledger! Awesome! Heath Ledger's Joker - how will they every top THAT?! Heath Ledger played the best supervillain ever! Heath Ledger! WOW! Heath Ledger! What a waste!" and he went to visit his mom and she was all like "Your sister and I just got back from the theater! What a great movie! Heath Ledger was amazing as the Joker. I've never seen a performance like it! What a waste. How are they going to top Heath Ledger's performance? Well, maybe David Tennant can do it with his Riddler. He's a very talented fellow, but I don't know...Heath Ledger was just BRILLIANT!" and he. just. LOST it. "I WAS IN THAT MOVIE TOO, MA!!!" he screamed as he went all Dark Knight on her ass.

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