I bought a Furminator for Bou on Thursday and I can't believe what a difference it has made already! It is amazing. It is so amazing I want to sew a little ORANGE!!! superhero cape for it, but it would get caught in the blade. Besides, I'm not that great at sewing. So I think I'll just scrap that plan and buy myself an orange cape instead! I'm glad that's sorted.


Bou's coat was a serious trial to mainecoontain. Maine Coon's have superthick, shaggy, oily coats that are prone to matting, ratting, shedding, tangling, clumping, grotting, sticking up all askew, not to mention collecting dirt, grit, small colonies of fleas, not so small colonies of fleas, extremely large colonies of fleas, and great works of art. Combing Bou was akin to torture - she HATES being combed - but nothing works better than a steel-toothed comb on Bou-matts. Unfortunately, nothing is more uncomfortable than being combed with a steel-toothed comb. Bou will attest that "brushing with steel-toothed comb" should be added to the "Unacceptable Methods of Torture" list, directly after "being forced to interact with Aethelred in one of his 'SPAZZZZZKATTT!!!! ATTACCKKK DA BOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!' moods;" and just above "being locked on the back porch accidentally."

I'd even bought Bou her very own Wahl shaver for her matts, which she didn't mind, but every time I used it I felt like one of those crazy cat ladies who thinks it's funny to shave their cats to look like lions.

The Furminator is actually a shaver - without the cord. You just brush along with the fur and VOILA!! Fur EVERYWHERE! And when you get rid of all that fur [insert laughing fit here], okay okay okay, when you vacuum up as much fur as you can in order to see what's underneath...

Well, that's what I think I'll see, anyway. I can barely open the front door for all the FURMINATED!!! fur!


Shannon said...

Ahhhh! KITTEN!

Bou's fur isn't THAT bad - I couldn't find a single major work of art in her fur. Not one. I did find Aethelred all tangled up and looking helpless.

I agree, though, that the Furminator is a pretty amazing gizmo. Anything that removes fur in a way that Bou actually enjoys is okay in my book. 'course, now we have giant clumps of fur everywhere, but we had that before, I suppose.

Mu said...

Ours looks pretty sitting in the living room. We really need to be better parents.