John McCain Appeals To All Pet Owners:

"Vote for me! I own a/an [insert animal here] too!"

"McCain possesses a menagerie. He has four dogs, including Lucy and Desi, named after the black-and-white television sitcom I Love Lucy, which rather dates the 71-year-old candidate. He also has a cat, a parakeet and a shoal of fish, including one called Lucky, and once owned a ferret and an iguana named Henry, who turned out to be Henrietta and laid an egg."

According to the Associated Press, pet owners in total favor McCain over Obama by 5%, broken down here:

All pet owners: McCain, 42 percent; Obama 37 percent; Nader, 3 percent; other, 3 percent; undecided, 14 percent. Margin of error, plus or minus 2.9 points.

Do not own a pet: Obama, 48 percent; McCain, 34 percent; Nader, 3 percent; other, 3 percent; undecided, 12 percent. Margin of error, 4.1 points.

Dog owners: McCain, 43 percent; Obama, 34 percent; Nader, 3 percent; other, 3 percent, undecided, 12 percent. Margin of error, 3.6 points.

Cat owners: McCain, 41 percent; Obama, 38 percent; Nader, 3 percent; other, 4 percent; undecided, 14 percent. Margin of error 3.9 points.

We ferret owners, who were not represented in this poll, are sticking with Obama. You see, we don't know what happened to McCain's ferret. He once had one....Where'd it go? What happened to it?

I would suggest to Obama, to absolutely secure the ferret vote, that he propose "a ferret in every home!"

Amandaroo looks over her ObamaFerret, Hillary


Shannon said...

What a great slogan: "a (note the singular) ferret in every home!" Definitely not "4 ferrets in every home!"

OrangeMoJoJo said...

I will already have two ferretses by the time Obama is inaugerated and he gives me my ObamaFerret, so that'll give me three total!

Shannon said...

OK - so we're agreed that you only get 2 ferrets from the breeder and then we'll wait on our gubment-refund ferret to bring us up to 3.

OrangeMoJoJo said...


No, wait! I get three ferrets from the breeder, then you can opt out of the program if you so choose! Or, if you want a fourth ferret, you can claim yours, and if we want a fifth, I can claim mine!

Yeah, I hear it. The sound of shattered dreams of a three ferret household....I'll have to go back to selling you on the awesomeness of that ferret you thought was so cute! Think of it, Shannon - a ferret of your very own! And I'm the one who will clean up after it! How can you lose?!

Shannon said...

I do like the idea of an ObamaFerret...