Wait, When You Say "Us...?"

I'm a little concerned.

Shannon commented on Rev's blog:

"I don't want us to go to Mars, snap a couple photos, get a rock, then never go back. I want us to start to colonize space."

whoawhoawhoaWHOA!! WHAT??? "Us"?? Who's "us???!" I'll move to Maine. I'll move to England. I'll move to Ireland. Or to North Carolina.

But I will not.


To a space colony.

I mean, who'll take care of the cerrets, for starters?

My dad would argue that I spend most of my time in outer space anyway, what with the shirts I've bought for him and Momster:

Once they've recreated Bespin's Cloud City, we'll talk; but even for that trip I'd need about 17,000 mg of lorazepam. And the Guinness when we get there had better NOT be bottled or I'll be heading straight back on the first transporter, Mr. Man - after my trip to one of the 1,800 Cloud City CVS's for an interplanetary refill on the lorazepam, of course. I do NOT travel well as it is, much less through years and years of space. And if you tell me we're going to Cloud City and it turns out to be Hoth, you will be in a heap of taun taun carcasses of trouble my friend, I tell you what.

I'll be at home colonizing our place with ferrets and Maine Coons.


Mu said...

I thought you would be happy to send Shannon to Mars. I know *I* would be....

Rev Transit said...

Fine, Mu and Freaksworthy can stay on earth. CR & I are headed to Mars.

(Uh... as long as the ship is big enough that I don't feel claustrophobic.)

Shannon said...

No worries, Rev - I hear NASA has a plan for all the Hummers that nobody wants anymore. We'll have plenty of room.

Guess we'll have to install a sink for Minnie to drink from...

Rev Transit said...

In zero G, Minnie can float up to the sink herself.

Mu said...

Then she'll cry to be let down.