Well, Dress Me Up in Willy Wonka and Call Me "Purple Velvet!"

....Strike that. Reverse it.

"A French air hostess will become one of Europe's pioneer space tourists after picking a chocolate wrapper out of the rubbish and finding a winning number in a competition to fly to the upper reaches of the earth's atmosphere.

"Mathilde Epron, 32, said she had bought a Kit Kat chocolate bar chocolate bar at her local supermarket but initially threw the wrapper in the bin, telling herself that "it's only others who win.""

How Willy Wonka is that?!? The Gene Wilder version, not the other one.

"A small step for mankind, but a giant step for us." - Willy Wonka

Hopefully her journey will not remotely resemble this scene from the real Willy Wonka:

Because.....WTF!?!?! Oh, and that reminds me - Albert Hoffman, the chemist who created LSD, died April 29 at the age of 102. Apparently LSD has some pretty serious life-lengthening effects! Not that I'll ever know - I'd be too much of a coward to ever try the stuff. I'd be afraid I'd have a bad trip where everything that I saw that was orange attacked me or something. And since every where I look I see something orange, I'd be attacked from all sides. By orange. Can you imagine the psychological damage??!

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Shannon said...

"Strike that. Reverse it."

Call me "Purple Velvet" and dress me up in Willy Wonka.

Got it.

Willy's not gonna like being worn as a coat. Ew.