Some Clarification for Clinton "Supporters" Who Have Vowed to Vote For McCain

This is Senator Hillary Clinton:

This NOT Senator Clinton's replacement, but, rather Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska:

Clinton has publicly endorsed Obama:

Palin is running with McCain:

Now, I realize you may be confused because at one time Clinton and Obama were rivals:

But THINK about it. If she'd have won the nomination, she would be running AGAINST McCain, not WITH him, as Palin is doing:

Now Clinton and Obama are getting along really well:

And she has asked that you, her supporters, vote for Obama, as she will do on November 4:



I apologize to my fan for my lack of posting of late, but I've been wrapping up my annual month-long birthday celebration!

....okay, I'll admit it. I've been lazy. Blog lazy, at least! I have been working on three major projects of late:

1) cleaning up after the ferrets (GROSS!!! GROOOSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Did nobody think to remind me of how disgusting ferret poo is?!??!?! GROOOOOSSSSS!!!!!),

2) bringing my car back and forth to the shop (check engine light is STILL on! FAH!) and

3) alphabetizing a list of 35 pages (that's 35 pages in Garamond font; size: 10) worth of song names that I'd cut and pasted from a thread on the Runner's World Website after I typed "best songs to run to" into Google. I ended up with 20 pages after eliminating the dups and most of the rap, hip-hop, 80's hair bands, country, and SLASHMETAL!!! that many people seem to enjoy running to.

Now, I'll admit, I love me some (stress: "some") Kid Rock, and I do love a lot of Ministry's stuff, Oh! and Drowning Pool! but about 99.999998% of SLASHMETAL!!!!! is little more than screaming long-haireds to me.

The (700 or so) songs I didn't know on this cut-and-paste list I looked up on YouTube (shows you what all I got going on round here). I listened to 10-30 seconds of each song to get the idea of whether it warranted another listen, or I could strike it from the list.

After maybe 10 minutes of YouTube-ing, I realized two things: 1) it's really freaking quiet around here, and 2) I could immediately tell if it was going to be a HIP-HOP song (very scantily-clad women oooooohing into the camera),

RAP (very scantily-clad women dancing and grinding around a fully-to-overdressed dude),

Country (not-as-scantily scantily-clad woman with long blonde curly hair; or a dude wearing a cowboy hat and boots, jeans, and a flannel shirt),

(or Jessica Simpson posing as a country artist):

SLASHMETAL!!!!!(long-haired topless or t-shirted sweaty dudes with their mouths open as WIIIIIIIIIIIIDE as possible in the effort to curdle your blood with their shrieks from HEEELLLLLLL!!!! Or a picture of a skull. Or the picture of the band's album cover because there was no video for the song or footage of the band to post along with the music).

It was all I could do not to hit "pause" and type in the next song name as soon as I saw...well, any of these. But I listened to each of them for as long as it took to get a really good feel for the song, and I was surprised to find I knew or at least was intrigued enough by some of them to mark them down for a second listen.

Stress "some of them," but still...

The ones I tended to like right off had an industrial-goth feel to them - from super-heavy (Ministry) to creepy-quiet (NIN Ghosts). The breakdown of the ones that made the list: About 2/3 industrial and techno; and the remaining 1/3 was mostly indie rock with some heavy metal and rap thrown in for flavah-flav (is he still around?). I do realize these are very general terms I'm using, but can't be bothered to learn the new lingo.

After going through the original 35-page list, well, there was a LOT of hard-core rap (like "SHIT! I hope nobody heard THAT!" kinda rap) and seriously hardcore heavy metal shreiking going on. My thumb and forefinger on my right hand are calloused from adjusting the volume on my speakers between Carrie Underwood and Sepultra, for example. Incubus, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Godsmack, and Mastadon were very strongly represented on this list. Therefore, I've come to the conclusion that many many runners are really angry people, and I'll be watching them warily from now on.

Unless Godsmack is playing through MY iPod speakers. Then I'll be challenging them with direct eye contact.

Once I can run more than a block without dying, of course.

What's on your playlist?


Y'know, I Didn't Realize I Thought Robert Downey, Jr., Was All That Cute...

Until he went and did this:

Is he matching his face to his t-shirts now? Couldn't he have picked a t-shirt with a picture of, oh, I don't know, maybe....HIMSELF on it rather than Ringo Starr??


Double Dang!

First Netflix goes and gets all screwed up so we won't get The Five Doctors in time for our trip to Ohio (sorry, Mu!), now the U.S. is refusing to allow Montelpulciano (my favorite "flavor") into the country.

So what am I supposed to drown my sorrows in now??? Guinness?? Oh, wait....

Actually, my spirits (minus those of the Montelpulciano variety) are very, very good. My birthday week was kicked off with an ORANGE!!! card from OrangeGirl on Tuesday; my family took my mom and me (note that grammar check, Shannon!) out to Tiki Terrace in Des Plaines for our birthdays where we got to eat some seriously awesome food served by one of the best waitresses I've ever had while watching the Olympics (GO PHELPS!!!!); I found out a couple of hours ago that my car isn't going to cost nearly as much to fix as I'd feared (Thank you Oscar, Joe and Carlos!!!); we're headed to Ohio tonight with Rev to see Mu and Mere, Great Big Sea and a minor league baseball game; and we're coming home with FERRETS!!

The energy of this song by Great Big Sea pretty much sums up my mood right now:


Piper vs. Tennant

Promo poster for Hamlet, for Mere

Soooooooooooo, Tennant agrees to three seasons of Dr. Who and receives critical acclaim for his (leading) role in Hamlet at Stratford-Upon-Avon; while Billie Piper leaves Dr. Who after just over a season and ends up playing a prostitute on Showtime.

Considering these choices, which one holds the more promising future as a serious actor.....Hmmmmm.....

Methinks Piper should have reconsidered and stayed on as Rose until she'd established herself a bit more and was offered at least a role in a 24 or Lost-type series. I really liked her on Dr. Who and was bummed she left the show. I might have checked in with her once in a while, you know, to see how she was doing - if that series didn't have "puhLEASE!!!" written all over it.

While we're on the subject of Billie Piper, can anyone please explain to me WHY she is wearing HALF THE MAKEUP as a call girl than she was as "Rose" in Dr. Who?? I'd SWEAR they kept putting mascara on her week after week WITHOUT REMOVING THE PREVIOUS WEEK'S APPLICATION.

Piper as "Belle"

Piper as "Rose"



My apologies to the US Olympic team, but I'll be rooting for the Dutch throughout the Games. Because, well, see for yourself:

US Olympic Team:

Very smartly dressed in Ralph Lauren.

And the Dutch Olympic Team:

Very smartly dressed in ORANGE!!!

But wait! It gets even better for OrangeMoJoJo:

The US Football/Soccer Team jersey:

*yawn* so vanilla.

And the Dutch Football Jersey:

"Awwwww yeah!!! Check! Me! OUT! NEVER underestimate the power of ORANGE!!!"

"I love YOUR jersey!"
"No, man, YOUR jersey is AWESOME! I can't let go of it!"
"You look FANTASTIC in orange!"
"We all do, man. We all do."

The US will be playing the Netherlands at football tomorrow morning at 7:45 in Beijing. That gives me plenty of time to round up the hooligans and head to the nearest pub playing the game on their flat screens.

Is that Cate with a 'C?' I Didn't Think So.

Judging by this rag cover, it looks to me like Kate Hudson is trying to get people to mistake her for Cate Blanchett by affecting a very serious, very dramatic look.

But she's fooling no one, because there is only one Cate Blanchett, and she would never have taken that role in Fool's Gold.


Here's to many, many more decades to come!! (o:


Presidential Candidate Commandment #1:

Know Thy Audience.

So McCain compared Obama's celebrity to that of celebutards Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears - even though Paris Hilton's mom had donated $4600 to his campaign.


In response, Paris Hilton, in a move that raised her in my estimation (not that she cares what I think, but there! I said it!) by about 4600% (one percent for every dollar her mom "wasted" (her words) on McCain's campaign), decided to create her own spoof presidential campaign ad where she refers to McCain as that "wrinkly white-haired guy" and proposes a "hybrid" solution to the energy crisis. You can see her ad here. Warning: She's only wearing a swimsuit in the ad, but for Paris, that's, like, a totally conservative outfit. Not a birth control patch in sight! (o;

The news sites are actually arguing that her energy plan could work.

Hilton for President! (and dot that "i" with a heart!)
...Okay, maybe not.

So seriously, when are these candidates going to learn not to use, well, anybody, in their campaign ads to attack Obama when they claim he "lacks experience" and "isn't ready"?? You'd think McCain would have learned from Hillary Clinton with Casey Knowles' response to her "it's 3AM..." ad, but no....


Got 42 Minutes and 26 Seconds?

Check out Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. It's the best thing since "Once More, With Feeling"!

Shannon downloaded Dr. Horrible off of iTunes before we left for Maine, but you can watch it on this site for FREE and donate the $6 you save to a most worthy cause instead!