My apologies to the US Olympic team, but I'll be rooting for the Dutch throughout the Games. Because, well, see for yourself:

US Olympic Team:

Very smartly dressed in Ralph Lauren.

And the Dutch Olympic Team:

Very smartly dressed in ORANGE!!!

But wait! It gets even better for OrangeMoJoJo:

The US Football/Soccer Team jersey:

*yawn* so vanilla.

And the Dutch Football Jersey:

"Awwwww yeah!!! Check! Me! OUT! NEVER underestimate the power of ORANGE!!!"

"I love YOUR jersey!"
"No, man, YOUR jersey is AWESOME! I can't let go of it!"
"You look FANTASTIC in orange!"
"We all do, man. We all do."

The US will be playing the Netherlands at football tomorrow morning at 7:45 in Beijing. That gives me plenty of time to round up the hooligans and head to the nearest pub playing the game on their flat screens.

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