Presidential Candidate Commandment #1:

Know Thy Audience.

So McCain compared Obama's celebrity to that of celebutards Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears - even though Paris Hilton's mom had donated $4600 to his campaign.


In response, Paris Hilton, in a move that raised her in my estimation (not that she cares what I think, but there! I said it!) by about 4600% (one percent for every dollar her mom "wasted" (her words) on McCain's campaign), decided to create her own spoof presidential campaign ad where she refers to McCain as that "wrinkly white-haired guy" and proposes a "hybrid" solution to the energy crisis. You can see her ad here. Warning: She's only wearing a swimsuit in the ad, but for Paris, that's, like, a totally conservative outfit. Not a birth control patch in sight! (o;

The news sites are actually arguing that her energy plan could work.

Hilton for President! (and dot that "i" with a heart!)
...Okay, maybe not.

So seriously, when are these candidates going to learn not to use, well, anybody, in their campaign ads to attack Obama when they claim he "lacks experience" and "isn't ready"?? You'd think McCain would have learned from Hillary Clinton with Casey Knowles' response to her "it's 3AM..." ad, but no....

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