Song(s) For The Day

I've been listening to IndieFeed and the CBC Radio 3 Top 30 Countdown and Song of the Day podcasts on my way to and from work (in between episodes of Pseudopod, Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me! and Car Talk, of course), trying to find new music to freshen up my stale playlists. I jot down the songs with potential and look 'em up on YouTube and LastFm when I have time (usually within 5 minutes of arriving at the office). I've heard quite a bit of great stuff, and wanted to pass on five of them. Just 'cuz!

First is a song I heard today, and would have missed had I known how to fast forward on my new 3RD ANNIVERSARY!!! car stereo (I'm so freaking spoiled!). I listen for catchy music first, lyrics second. This one, "Good Days" by the FemBots, has a positive message, "life is good," wrapped in a melancholy tune:

“All you Christian soldiers
You got it wrong
‘Cause life is good
Life is good.
And all you Muslim martyrs
You got it wrong
‘Cause life is good
Life is good.”

And THIS one is just the opposite: a melancholy, borderline morbid song wrapped in a catchy little tune. My favorite song on this list: Chad VanGaalen's "Willow Tree"

"When I die....
Take my body
Put it in a boat
Light it on fire
Send it out to sea"

Now THAT's my idea of a sendoff!

These two are catchy and folk-y and fun; in that order:

The Acorn - "Crooked Legs" and

Human Highway - "The Sound" which has a cute video to go with it:

And finally, for some even more silly fun,
Mother Mother - "Polynesia"

"I caught a mermaid looking right at me
I said, "Hey, baby, why don't you come up top?
You could flip-flop
While we cruise the Florida Keys!"

Great, catchy mindless running song.

I hope you enjoy these! Please send along any new stuff you've been listening to and loving.

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