Killer Shoes

Rihanna was spotted out and about wearing the dreaded Spider Eating Hornet Shoes I'd posted about earlier. Well, it's good she's getting some wear out of them - they weren't cheap - but I really wish she'd donate them to the Arachnid & Insect house of the San Diego Zoo, or .... whereever they display arachnids and insects. Outside of Chicago. Far FAR from Chicago.

*Shudder!!!* EEW!!

But there is a picture of celebrity shoes I find even more terrifying.

Let me get this out in the open - I LOATHE Crocs. They are ugly. Hideous. I hate them so much, I EVEN HATE THE ORANGE ONES - THAT's how awful they are. They are a blight. Unless you're a nurse who's always running the risk of being splashed with bodily fluids and needs a shoe you can wash off and wear again, I will moc your Crocs. I understand incinerating a pair of shoes after a single wearing gets pricey and starts to cut into your so I cut you nurses some slack. I'll also cut those of you who wear them in the garden AND ONLY THE GARDEN some slack for the same reasons (only, replace "bodily fluids" with "mulch, dirt, and manure")

But I will NOT cut the president of the United States any slack.

Man I hope you're waving "It's not what it looks like! I have a day job as a nurse where I actually do useful stuff!!" because Crocs on you, Mr. Man, is unacceptable. OMG, what happened to the days where presidents had, oh, I don't know, social grace, class and HALF A SHRED OF SELF RESPECT??

And who are you playing footsie with?? What kind of sicko has a Croc fetish???

Are those Presidential Seal socks??
Could there BE a bigger faux pas than wearing Presidential Seal socks with Crocs??

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