PLEASE Tell Me He Can Be Disqualified For This!!

...."Disqualified?" Whatever. I'm too excited to figure out if I've got the right term for what would happen to McCain if he blew off Friday's debate.

"US Republican presidential candidate John McCain has said he will break off from campaigning to help on a Wall Street rescue plan." Breaking off his campaign??? Now???!!!? OMG!!! You have got to be freaking KIDDING me!!!! There's just a month till the ELECTION!!!! Are we going to suspend that, too? Oh, why the hell not. The Bush administration has had fun trying to wipe its collective ass with the Constitution; why not screw with every other sincerely patriotic thing and activity we have left. Like....Voting! Cancel Election Day! Sends the right kinda message as to how it's gonna BE around here if this joke gets elected.

Oh, and I'm just so sure he wanted to suspend the debates out of the public interest and not because he's going to look like a complete freaking idiot next to Obama. Oh, absolutely. Sorry, John, but no amount of prep or postponement is going to help you there.

Seriously, if he wanted to "help" and do something about the housing crisis, he'd maybe sell one of his, um, ....oh, jeez, .....I forget how many ...? houses and give that to the bail out effort.

The best thing he could do to help is to continue on with his campaign and stop rubbing in our faces how close this election is despite his doing EVERYTHING WRONG. Seriously, next he's going to show up on Dancing with the Stars and have his pants rip right down the the middle exposing his big white butt while dancing to his song of choice: "You Dropped the Bomb On Me." And the election, if His Highness allows us to have one, will still be WAY too close. Because people -lots of people - are actually planning on voting for him. Whenever election day is, that is. He's probably running a poll RIGHT NOW to find out what day EXACTLY the most minorities and housing owners - WHO WERE SCREWED BY THE GOP's allowing of the raping predatory money-lending practices that led to this SUPREME ****-UP in the FIRST PLACE - will be UNABLE to vote. Then he's gonna try to change Election Day to that day. That's right, Jack - those rich dudes on Wall Street weren't the only one screwed. Thousands of registered voters were, too, and your bending over forwards to Wall Street ain't going to make you any more popular with them. Remember? The ones you're trying to screw out of voting in Michigan?

*UPDATE* - Obama's up 9 points since this announcement.

Maybe there is a God....

Jo(for O)Bama


evandebacle said...

I actually think it's a stroke of strategic genius. He gets to appear to be a populist (Country first!). He cools off the bump Obama is getting from the I-bank collapse. Sarah Palin buys a little time to know what the hell she's on about. And the ball is now back in Obama's court to care more about you, the hard-working American. Don't know who dreamed this up, but it's genius.

Rev Transit said...

I don't know if Evan is serious, but I think this is one more example of John McCain's constant craving for attention and I think most people will connect the dots.

Frankly, Barack Obama faced fewer bouts of histrionics from his opponent when he was running against Alan Keyes.