I was SO CLOSE to having my car killed this morning! I was driving along Shermer and as I crossed through Central at the green I heard a "SCRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHHHHH!!!!!" I serenely looked around to see where that ghastly noise was coming from, and saw an SUV barreling towards me along Central. The driver was about to run the red light to hit my passenger side as she turned right. She BARELY missed me. We're talking, like, MAYBE 2 feet. 1/4 block of burnt tire rubber. My first reaction was "WHOA!!!! THAT was CLOSE!!" My IMMEDIATE second reaction was "DAMN!!!! I was THAT CLOSE to getting a new car!!!" My third thought was "What am I listening to that is so bad I thought that screeching was part of the music?" The CBC Canada radio podcast is pretty hit-or-miss. As I crossed Central I experienced two misses simultaneously!

Here are two songs from a different indie podcast that I want to share because both of them have a great beat and it's FRIDAY!!! The first one - "My Other" by i am jen - went straight to my running mix, (which, erm, I haven't used since the last 5K I ran - July 20! BAD, Jo! BAD!) The second song by an Australian band called Sneaky Sound System ("Goodbye" (below)) will be added to the playlist as soon as it's released on iTunes. It's got such a Kyle Minogue feel! Enjoy, and have a fabulous weekend!

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