FINALLY! I downloaded my pictures of the ferrets. There were about 46,017 pictures taken on the 10 terabyte card in my Canon Elph, and 46,011 of those were blurry unfocused messes of what might be teeth and fur.

Ferrets are not known for their quiet, photogenic demeanors. As soon as they see a camera they act as though a shotgun fulla buck shot is being pointed at them and do one of two things: 1) duck and weave like mad to get out of the line or fire; or 2) run right at the camera and try to wrest it from the wielder's grip, then haul it off backwards across the floor, then behind and underneath the nearest bureau or bookcase where they've hidden the rest of their (read: your) treasures. It would be a hilarious shot, them dragging the camera backwards across the floor at what they believe is breakneck speed but which is actually about 0.3 MPH - if, of course, you had a second camera being wielded by someone not trying to photograph the other ferret.

But I digress.

Ladies and gentlemen!

I proudly present:


(there's a groggy HaegTessa to his right)

Yes, it's official. I'm not going to ship the ferr-rats back to the breeder in an old Amazon box with no return address. I've grown terribly fond of Nosferretu, and Tessa has shown serious improvement the past few weeks. One day I may even handle her without wearing my puncture-proof safety gloves.

Here's Nos using Tessa as a stole to keep him all coooooozzzzzzyyyy:

Here's Nos using Tessa as a pillow. I'm really not sure what's going on with her body - it looks so freaky-weird here. She looks twice as long and all wavy-like....


You can't tell because I took this shot from above, but Nos' head is actually resting on the floor of their cage here, to insure Tessa has plenty of room (Nos is just about 3 times her size!)

Brangelina received, what, $9 million for the first shots of the twins? I think I should get at least twice that. It's FAR easier to photograph beautiful people and their adorable milk-doped progeny than it is two sleek and spazzy ferrets!

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Naomi Jane said...

JoJo! They are SOOOOOO cute! I think that's at least $20 million -- Brangelina's kids never used each other as a stole! I'm glad they are shaping up and that they are a permanent part of your family. Wicked cute for sure.