That is NOT Lucciano Pavaratti

Eric Cutler and Nathan Gunn in The Lyric Opera of Chicago's rendition of The Pearl Fishers. Oh, and Nicole Cabell.

If opera looked like this when I was a teenager, my mom would have had far more success in turning me on to it. Or opera would have had more success in turning me on. Or something. I can't concentrate - I'm too busy trying to count the six-packs up there.

Seriously, I was under the impression that really, truly excellent opera singers had to be in the plus sizes, or even the plus plus sizes. Remember the bodysuit debacle with Deborah Voight's Salome?

Whatever. Voight is amazing.

For my male audience member, it's not just the tenors who've gotten tastier the past few years. Playboy even has a list of the hottest female classical musicians, three of whom are opera-singin' sopranos (one of my committee members is particularly smitten with Anna Natrebko). and Here's a pic of Renee Fleming as Rusalka from Dvorak's opera of the same name:

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Shannon said...

Maybe Momster didn't want you to know that sex appeal was the REAL reason she was going to the opera (and not taking along Papa S.)...