Two "WHAT THE??!?!??" Moments, One Short Evening

We watched Run Fatboy Run and an episode of The Office (season 4) last night, and each evoked a total ".....HEY!!!" moment outta OrangeMoJoJo

I had high hopes for Run Fatboy Run, and was not disappointed. Simon Pegg stars in it, and as I loved him in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz - both of which are hilarious - I had high hopes for Fatboy. Shannon and I saw Shaun of the Dead together before we officially started dating (though I was totally mad about him. Good choice, on my part, inviting him to a comedy film where my "giggling manic idiocy" was overlooked as simply "enjoying the film....Alot.") For some reason I'd assumed Shaun was directed by Simon Pegg, so I naturally thought Fatboy was as well. Turned out I was wrong on both counts! Sure, he WROTE or co-wrote them both, as well as Hot Fuzz;

but David Schwimmer directed Run Fatboy Run.

DAVID SCHWIMMER?!??! Whiny, annoying "Ross" from Friends?? I tell you what, next time he directs at his LookingGlass Theatre I am NOT missing it.

Schwimmer with Run Fatboy Run costar Thandie Newton

My second "No WAY!!!" experience occurred during the episode "Local Ad" on The Office. Now, I've been pleased to see Darryl's character more and more frequently because he cracks me up. But yesterday we were watching as he and some of the other employees were coming up with an ad jingle for Dunder Mifflin. There were three or four employees standing around Darryl, who was sitting behind little electronic keyboard.

And it HIT me! I KNOW THAT GUY!!! That's Craig from my Second City class! He was one of the most unbelievably talented people I've ever met, and a fantastic friend. Never tried for a laugh, was always supportive, always sincere, always calm. He was usually late, too, which totally pissed us off not because he was throwing off our class time but because he was so talented he didn't need the classes. He'd breeze in, be brilliant, and breeze on out again.

Craig Robinson

Craig encouraged me to try doing some open mikes at The Cue Club back in the 90's. I never did - I was terrified - and he never pushed me on stage. Though I never made it past the third row of tables where I had a clear view of the stage, he went himself, calmly and assuredly. They'd introduce him as he strode to the stage and took his place....

...behind an electronic keyboard.

It was such a shock, seeing that familiar tilt of the head as Darryl started playing the keyboard and singing the Dunder Mifflin jingle to realize OH. MY. GOD. That's Craig!!! There was never any doubt that he'd have a career in comedy, and he worked so extremely hard to get to where he is. I don't mean the "breezing through classes at the old SC" part, I mean the "emceeing at Zanies, doing stand-up wherever he could get a gig, and taking any job to get more acting experience" part. DANG!!! SO awesome!!!


Butternugget said...

I had the same reaction when I heard about Run Fat Boy Run, then did another double take this summer when I heard Little Britain USA was filming in North Carolina and being directed by David Schwimmer.

I knew LB was trying to do an American show but was surprised by the location and director.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

That is so bizarre!!I mean, England looks like England everywhere. You have to work a bit to make NC look like England, plus you're not IN England, so what's the point of that?