Alas, Poor David! We Hope You're Well...

....enough to finish the last four episodes of Doctor Who you promised us.

David Tennant just underwent surgery to correct a slipped disc. He had to pull out of the RSC production of Hamlet and now...now.... it seems he...it seems he....he might not *choke!*...be able to...*sob!!!* finishupthelastfourepisodes....*whimper!!!* as....THE DOCTOR!


David Tennant kisses us goodbye??!??

Well, the pain he was experiencing does explain Season 4 a bit, though. Let's just say...not the best season.

This is NOT my idea of "Christmas cheer." Or "happy holidays."


Butternugget said...

But...we have the Christmas special in a week!! Also with David Morrissey!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

He missed a screening of the Christmas special, but it looks like it's already been shot. So there's that then! WHEW! (o:

Mu said...

Besides, for a regeneration scene, he just has to lie there if need be.

Stupid Doctor. Stupid not casting me.