Jeff Richardson (Tina Fey's Husband) Told Vanity Fair He Was the "Joe Biden of Husbands"

because he 's prone to "drop the bomb" in interviews. "I remember the biggest trouble I got into....Oh my god."

I read that article this morning.

This afternoon, as if to prove his point, he went and dropped a Joe Biden, telling Vanity Fair in A DIFFERENT INTERVIEW how his wife got the scar on her cheek. A horrible event she's been keeping to herself and from the media for years because it upsets her parents terribly every time they think about it. I know you can find out for yourself by doing a nanosecond search, but I feel...wrong posting a link. Out of curiosity several years ago, I went to find out how she'd gotten that scar only to find her quiet comment that she appreciated her fans' interest, but preferred to keep the topic private, knowing we'd understand.

Tina Fey was the best thing to happen to SNL since about 1986; and the most powerful ambassador for women in comedy since...maybe Katherine Hepburn.

OMG how lucky was SNL that she looks almost exactly like Sarah Palin??? Which is, incidentally, the only good thing I can say about Sarah Palin.


Rev Transit said...

Good Lord! I'm sorry I googled that. I didn't imagine it'd be such a grisly story.

Sarcasm is just one more service I offer. said...

I wonder what she thought when she found out he let the story out about her scar. Frustration for sure.