You Won't Be Making Any Of That $9999.00 Back From Me, Mr. (mor)Man.

Note the car parked in front is NOT my wee Honda.

Alan Stock, the CEO of Cinemark donated $9999.00 to support Proposition 8. Now, we don't go to movies that often, but I'll tell you: when Watchmen comes out in March I won't be seeing it at the Century Landmark Theater in Evanston, or any other Cinemark theater for that matter.


Butternugget said...

Damn. Evanston is my favorite theater.

Rev Transit said...

I have mixed feelings about boycotting the businesses of people who support Prop 8. They have a right to take part in the political process.

OTOH I can make a pretty good case for boycotting the State of California. But, even that seems a little hypocritical since I live in a state with even worse gay rights and plan to visit Texas in Feb.

I wish there were one warm-weather state with a good record on this issue.

Shannon said...

"They have a right to take part in the political process."

Boycotting them doesn't stop their right to take part in the political process: it merely stops your money from being ultimately used against your own political beliefs.