Ceiling Cat is Watching Mu

Mu's New Years Resolution, Postscript"Next time I adopt a kitten, I should spend no time playing with it because it will make me break my resolutions."

Kittehs reactions?



Orangina and Oreo:





Shannon said...

What a louse this "Mu" is! First he blames kittens for his own weakness, then he declares that, purely for spite, he won't provide a caring home for any future kittens he may encounter!

Evil. He just must be evil...

Rev Transit said...

Wow! Aethelred gave him the middle fingers.

OrangeMoJoJo said...

Aethelred is a bad kitteh! I thought he was shaking his fist!

Shannon said...

I thought Aethelred was wiping away a tear...poor kitten!

OrangeMoJoJo said...

He's a very complex kitteh. We each see something different! Mu probably hasn't written because what he saw reduced him to uncontrollable sobbing.

Mu said...

All comments from said "Mu" or implied/attributed comments of said "Mu" will need to be run through his lawyers at "We Love Kittens & Cats" law firm.