Eddie Izzard Challenges Russel Brand For Title

of "Most Awesomely Kind-Hearted Comedian."

On Christmas Eve, Russell Brand gave £500 to a homeless man who was trying to make enough money to get home for Christmas.

Also over the holidays, Eddie Izzard performed for 90 minutes to a man who'd been seriously injured during the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in November. The man's father had written to Izzard asking him to send a note to his son, Will Pike, to cheer him up; and the next thing he knew Izzard was there himself, performing an entire stand-up show for Pike.

Pike had had tickets to see Izzard's performance, but had to miss it, so Eddie brought the show to him.

2008's race for the title is close, but I think Izzard wins it. As for 2009....who know's which comedian will claim the title? *all eyes turn to Paula Poundstone*

Damn. Now I want to see Valkyrie. Until now I had NO interest in seeing it, but now that I know Izzard is in it....

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