Emotional Whiplash, Part Deux

So just FIVE DAYS AGO I posted about how I think that trailers for movies that I am really excited about seeing should use music by artists that I love in their trailers, and movies that will suck or that are about things that hold no interest for me WHATSOEVER should use music by Billy Corgan or Smashing Pumpkins:? I QUOTE MYSELF:

"All's I'm saying is, if they'd used...well, any song, really, by, say, Billy Corgan, for example, or Celine Dion, or Smashing Pumkins, or Barbra Streisand, or Brittany Spears or, I don't know, maybe, Zwan - I would have IMMEDIATELY hit "next" on my remote, thus sparing me the horrorshockanger of having one of my favorite running songs, "Heaven," tainted (albeit briefly! It's too good a song to hold a taint for long! And yes, Roland Burris, "taint" IS a word) by being associated with what promises to be a crappy film."

So, to prove once again that some force in the universe finds it hilarious to screw with me (I am NOT just paranoid! I'm NOT!), Shannon played me the trailer for the movie Watchmen, which may be the ONLY MOVIE I'm interested in seeing right now.

And the music....

I know this band.

And I whisper....



It couldn't be.

Do I really need to tell you?

The theme song?

It's the Smashing Pumpkins.

And you know what's worse? YOU KNOW WHAT'S WORSE???

I actually kind of don't hate it!

I think I just lost my mind. Bye bye! *giggle!*

If you need me, I'll be locked in the back bedroom of our apartment, smashing my head in a drawer repeatedly.

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Shannon said...

"I think I just lost my mind."

Does that mean you'll be normal now? ;)

Put down the catapult.